Lasik Surgery

Lasik Vision Correction, the most state-of-the-art vision-correcting procedure offered nowadays, is helping thousands of people, who never imagined being independent of visual aids, to see without any obstruction as well as clearly. With the advancement and fame of LASIK as well as other vision correction procedures, we offer these state-of-the-art services to a rising number of patients.

Lasik Vision Correction combines the precision of the Excimer laser with proven vision correction procedures to modify the front surface of the cornea, letting light rays focus more accurately on the retina. An ultra-thin flap of corneal tissue is made as well as folded over with a device known as a microkeratome. The laser is then applied to the next layer of corneal tissue, reshaping the corneal contour to remove refractive inaccuracies. The corneal flap is then folded back into its original position where it bonds without the requirement for stitches.

LASIK Procedure

  • After the eye has been numbed with sedating eye drops, a small clip slightly keeps the eyelids open.
    The patient remains conscious as well as comfortable all through the procedure.
    A smaller suction ring is positioned around the cornea which works as a platform for the microkeratome. After that, a thin flap is made in the cornea.
    Patients are asked to see a target light; at the same time, the Excimer laser reshapes the corneal tissue. The patient can listen to a clicking sound during treatment.
    The whole procedure lasts for less than a minute, depending on how much rectification is required.
    Then, the corneal flap is placed back in its original position where it bonds without the requirement of stitches.
    The cornea is checked again 20 mins later. The patient is sent home with eye drops as well as a shield. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for the next day.
    For their personal safety, patients are not allowed to drive home after the surgery.
    Vision is often radically improved and most patients return to work the day after the surgical procedure.
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Are you a candidate for LASIK?

The ideal LASIK candidates are between the ages of 18to 40 yrs, although there are always exceptions. LASIK patients should have a stable refraction. People with some medical conditions, nursing women or the ones in the family way might not be good candidates.

LASIK Vision Correction is a superb vision rectification solution for people with:
  • Astigmatism
  • Myopia
  • Farsightedness
  • And other conditions that harm clear vision

To schedule an appointment as well as discuss this procedure further, come for a personal consultation session with one of our refractive surgeons.

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